My name is Sahil.
I am a product designer, engineer and developer.
This page offers a glimpse of me and my work.

About Me

I thrive on the challenge of finding the perfect solution to a problem, and creating something that touches people through the tangible and the intangible. I aspire to create products (and services) that are outwardly simple with smart complexities tucked away under the hood. I am also eager to help sustain the one planet we’ve got - at least until we find others to colonise.


Life So Far


My Work

The gallery below shows some of the products I have worked on.
A tradtional portfolio is given thereafter, which provides an insight into the intricate 'behind-the-scenes' process that led to their success.

The booklet below is best viewed in full screen (preferably on a large screen).
If you are having trouble viewing it, it can also be accessed as a gallery here.



A fascination of how things work and an innately scientific bend of mind constantly drive me to learn new things. I push myself to pick up versatile skills, to become self-sufficient and to stay in touch with the ever expanding world of design. The demanding nature of my responsibilities in the industry helped me scale a steep learning curve of ‘soft skills’ too, especially in innovation development and project management. A propensity towards ‘geekery’ makes me technologically informed and an adept computer user.


Get in Touch

To request a meeting, my complete CV & a detailed portfolio in print, please drop me a message below.
Alternatively, please email me at contact@sahilwadhwa.com. I can also be found on LinkedIn here.
I am currently based in the Netherlands.